About Us

About Us

18 years of experience

Having personal experience of more than Eighteen years in the field of Leakage & Flow Testing applications, S-TECH was founded in 2013 aiming to provide prompt & economical solutions to our esteemed customers in Leakage Testing applications, surpassing to avoid traditional way of water dipping method. Our Indigenously developed Leak Testers & Flow Tester are the ultimate achievement of our control teams for their hard persistence of several years to meet the international quality standard of measurement technology.

We built custom-made solutions worth money, High performance, better accuracy, prompt product delivery & best workmanship. Our Engineering Team takes an overview of the feasibility study, our Design team makes conceptual Engineering drawings nodding approval from the customer before manufacturing. We have built -up all necessary machinery manufacturing set-up required to fulfill our task to complete product delivery.


Applications of Our Devices

With need in all domains leak and flow testers are needed everywhere. Leak and flow testers have wide range of applications that includes but are not limited to Castings Industries, Mechanical industries, Medical applications, Hydraulics, Appliances, Aerospace and Automotive

Stech Automation

Our Products Range